Friday, September 11, 2009

pool + pajamas + roomies = super duper bonding! (by brittany!)

So basically...

it was labor day. Which meant that once again, we had to go without maintenance fixing our not broken A/C (see previous post by susan). That being said, we were watching "The Wedding Singer" whilst melting quite gruesomely into the apartment furniture.

All of a sudden, someone (I think emma) sat up and announced with authority to us lowly roommates,
"We should go jump in the pool in our pajamas."
Maybe it was because it was so hot. Maybe it was because we just finished watching a comedic chick flick. Maybe it was because we were still quite groggy at 11am and didn't have the energy to be nay-sayers.
All I know is that 5 minutes later, we were all standing at one end of the pool, only Susan in her actual pajamas (the rest of us just changed into clothes we didn't mind getting wet).
After hiring a photographer (thanks rachel!), we got into position. We jumped. We landed. We splashed. We submerged. We repeated. We repeated. We swam.
And it felt soooo gooooood......
the end :)

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