Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love these girls (by Victoria)

I like our roommates. Let me list the ways!

- Emma puts in the dishes when I'm supposed to. She sits with me, talks to me, watches "Are You Afraid of the Dark" with me. She is one of the most considerate, giving people I've ever met. Even through the stress and uncertainties of transferring to BYU, she researches possibilities for MY major. Talk about thoughtful.
- Brittany is our social butterfly. She keeps us in the guy-loop. Without her, we wouldn't know anyone in our ward. She attracts 'em, then invites us along. Sweetest. Girl. Ever. Her enthusiasm for HSM, Yale Gracey, and the BYU social scene is more contagious than swine flu.
- Nadine makes me feel like I'm in love too. When she comes in with the "post," I get almost as excited as her. Almost. When most of my conversations are, "We hate boys!" she puts a little faith back into things. She is one of those people that is easy to get along with from day 1. Oh, and she's a stone cold fox.
- Amanda puts up with me complaining... sometimes in my sleep... Yes, most of my worries are pretty insignificant, but she always takes time to listen and validate. She understands when I need down time, and when I need motivation to go out. We lean on each other a lot, and without her, I would definitely fall over.
- Susan is so easy going. You want to be social but not actually do anything? Susan's up for a walk. You want to chill on your own? That's cool with her. You want to rock out to Dr. Suess and Mother Goose? She's down for anything. This girl is the perfect blend of depth and fun.

At the beginning of this year, I could feel it was going to be a good one. There was something in the air. Now, I'm seeing why. God loves us so much. He aligned the universe so that this group of 6 very different people could come together to learn, laugh, play, and grow. For each of our worries, there's someone with experience. For each of our strengths, there's someone with needs. We rock.

Not to mention we're total babes.


  1. Well all of that is completely true, ya for us!

  2. Awww I'm feeling the roommate love! Nadine rocks for still calling it the post :)

  3. And don't forget Victoria! She is freaking hilarious, super talented, and just overall aMAZing!

  4. Victoria: you know how i hardly wear socks in the apartment? it's cuz YOU ROCK THEM OFF!
    i <3 you!!!